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New Zealand Vs Eengland Live Score, World Cuo 2019 Final Match At Lord’s: England Win Maiden World Cup


  •  00:01 (IST)Ball 6: OUT! England win! Guptill guides the ball towards deep midwicket, but fails to get back to the striker’s end on time while collecting a second run as Buttler whips the bails off!  The scores are level here as well, but England win the title on the basis of collecting more boundaries throughout the game! NZ 15/1
  • 23:57 (IST) Ball 4: Two! Another double to Neesham, who guides it to deep midwicket and comes back for a second. Excellent running by Guptill as well! NZ 13/0, need 3 off 2
  • 23:56 (IST) Ball 3: Two! Neesham guides the ball towards deep midwicket, and a misfield by Roy in the deep allows Neesham to come back for a second! NZ 11/0, need 5 off 3
  • 23:55 (IST) Ball 2: SIX! Smashed into the stands beyond deep midwicket! What a shot from Neesham! NZ 9/0, need 7 off 4
  • 23:54 (IST) Ball 1: Two! Neesham drills the ball down the ground and comes back for a second! NZ 3/0, need 13 off 5
  •  23:45 (IST)Ball 6: FOUR!! Low full toss from Boult, and Buttler flicks this towards deep midwicket to finish England’s over with a boundary! ENG 15/0
  •  23:44 (IST)Ball 5: Two! Yorker from Boult. Buttler squeezes it towards the extra cover region for a brace! ENG 11/0
  •  23:43 (IST)Ball 4: One! Stokes guides the ball towards the off side, for only a single. ENG 9/0
  •  23:43 (IST)Ball 3: Four! Stokes is down on his hunches and guides the ball towards the midwicket fence, where the ball beats the fielder coming in from cow corner ENG 8/0
  •  23:42 (IST)Ball 2: One! Buttler muscles the ball towards deep midwicket for just a single; ENG 4/0
  •  23:41 (IST)Ball 1: Three! Stokes gets a thick top edge that sends the ball towards third man; ENG 3/0
  •  23:31 (IST)Ball 6: OUT! Mark Wood is run out at the non-striker’s end while responding to Ben Stokes’ call for a second run, we have a Super Over in the World Cup final! Oh what a game we are having! ENG 241
  •  23:29 (IST)Ball 5: OUT!! Stokes drives the ball down the ground towards long off and forces Rashid to come back for a second, the latter getting run out! Thankfully for England, Stokes is on strike for the final delivery!. ENG 240/9; need 2 to win off 1
  •  23:25 (IST)Ball 3: SIX! Stokes gets down on one knee and smashes the ball into the stands beyond deep midwicket!. ENG 233/8; need 9 to win off 3
  •  23:24 (IST)Ball 2: Dot! Back-to-back dots to Boult off the first two balls of the final over! Pressure on Stokes now! ENG 227/8; need 15 to win off 4
  •  23:24 (IST)Ball 1: Dot! Stokes hits the ball towards mid off, but denies a single. ENG 227/8; need 15 to win off 5
  •  23:22 (IST)BOWLED EM! Archer misses a slower ball from Neesham and gets his stumps rattled as a result! Neesham signs off with figures of 3/43!ENG 227/8Archer b Neesham 0(1)
  •  23:18 (IST)OUT! Plunkett’s on his way now, as England lose their seventh wicket! Plunkett got no timing on the lofted shot down the ground, and ended up offering Boult a simple catch at long off.ENG 220/7Plunkett c Boult b Neesham 10(10)
  •  23:05 (IST)OUT! Woakes gone, as Ferguson collects his third wicket! Woakes tried to smash this out of the park, but only got a thick top edge to send the ball high in the air over the keeper, who collected the ball safely between his gloves in the end.ENG 203/6Woakes c Latham b Ferguson 2(4)
  •  22:58 (IST)OUT! The partnership has been broken, and New Zealand are back in the game! Buttler throws the kitchen sink at a slower ball from Ferguson, and sliced it towards deep cover, where the substitute fielder Southee ended up grabbing the ball with both hands.ENG 196/5Buttler c sub (Southee) b Ferguson 59(60)
  •  22:52 (IST)Ben Stokes brings up his half-centuryas well, in the very same over as Buttler! His 20th ODI half-century, one that’s met with muted celebrations from the New Zealand-born batsman. Takes a single in the 44th over to get there. ENG 189/4
  •  22:50 (IST)FOUR!What a way forJos Buttler to bring up his half-century— his second of the World Cup alongside the century against Pakistan and his 20th in ODIs. Loft-drives the ball over extra cover to bring up the milestone. Also brings up thecentury stand for the current partnership!ENG 187/4
  •  22:04 (IST)Fifty partnership up between Stokes and Buttlerfor the fifth wicket, the former collecting three consecutive doubles followed by a single to bring up the milestone. Big cheer around at Lord’s after that single by Stokes off the fourth delivery of the 34th over. ENG 136/4
  •  21:22 (IST)OUT! Ferguson collects a blinder and on-air commentator Ian Smith screams “THAT’S OUT!” in his distinct voice! Morgan didn’t quite time his lofted shot towards sweeper point, but didn’t quite time his shot. Ferguson had to cover a bit of distance running to his right, eventually diving forward and pulling off a low screamer. ENG 86/4Morgan c Ferguson b Neesham 9(22)
  •  21:03 (IST)OUT! Jonny Bairstow’s gone, getting an inside edge that clips the top of the stumps! Big blow for the hosts, losing a set batsman who could’ve single-handedly turned the tide for his team.ENG 71/3Bairstow b Ferguson 36(55)
  •  20:49 (IST)OUT! De Grandhomme finally strikes after the dropped chance in his first over. Nets the big fish in Joe Root, who was starting to get a tad impatient, and ended up nicking an outswinger off the third delivery to the keeper to depart for 7. Drinks taken after the dismissal. ENG 59/2Root c Latham b de Grandhomme 7(30)
  •  20:07 (IST)OUT! Henry strikes, getting rid of the dangerous, in-form opener Jason Roy, getting him caught-behind before he could cause any further damage!ENG 28/1Roy c Latham b Henry 17(20)
  •  19:12 (IST)OUT!Archer finally has a wicket in the World Cup final, taking his tournament tally level with Mustafizur Rahman to 20 wickets. He bowls a full toss that Matt Henry wanted to hoick it across, he misses it and the ball thuds right into the top of off stump.

    Matt Henry b Jofra Archer 4(2)
  •  19:06 (IST)OUT!Slower full-toss outside off from Woakes and all Latham can do is tamely chip it in the air for mid off to claim it. You could almost sense the temptation of not catching it. Another scrappy innings comes to an end as Woakes claims his third wicket.

    Latham c (sub)James Vince b Woakes 47(56)
  •  18:55 (IST)OUT! Finally!What Wood and Archer couldn’t do it, Woakes has. He finally removes De Grandhomme out of his misery. A slower off-cutter from Woakes that CdG was hoping to work it square on the leg side, ends up closing the face of the bat early and the leading edge carrying to mid off.

    de Grandhomme c (sub)James Vince b Woakes 16(28)
  •  18:20 (IST)OUT! And gone!Against the run of play Plunkett has struck again. How often does he manage to do that. How good has Plunkett been today. Another one of his cross seamers that produces an error from the batsman. Length on middle stump and Neesham was aiming to go downtown, the ball must have stopped a touch and bounced slightly higher for Neesham to not catch it from the sweet spot. Lofting it to Joe Root at mid on, who completes a simplest of catches.

    Neesham c Root b Plunkett 19(25)
  •  17:51 (IST)OUT!Mark Wood comes back into the attack and has struck first ball. The ball seams in after pitching on off stump and Ross Taylor fails to even get the bat close to the ball, he is hit over the knee roll and after taking a good hard look, umpire Erasmus has raised his finger. Taylor keeps heading towards the dressing room with no reviews left for the Kiwis. Will have to wait for the replays to confirm if the decision was correct or not. Yeah, looked a little dodgy and turns out that the ball was going over the stumps, ball tracking reveals.

     Ross Taylor lbw b Mark Wood 15(31)
  •  17:20 (IST)BOWLED’EM!Plunkett with a second strike. He gets rid of the other set batsman now. Nicholls departs and England are now right on top. Length ball on off stump that does nip back a touch, and Nicholls gets an inside edge to drag it onto his stumps.

    Henry Nicholls b Plunkett 55(77)
  •  17:15 (IST)FIFTY!Henry Nicholls bunts it down to long on to bring up his half-century. Lot of grind, but a solid knock nevertheless.
  •  17:02 (IST)OUT!England review for caught behind against Williamson!

    The English looked pretty confident with the review, umpire Dharmasena nods his head, not with the same amount of confidence.There is a spike as the ball passes KW’s bat and that is substantial evident for the TV umpire to turn the decision over. What a massive breakthrough from England’s point of view. Morgan’s bowling change brings result almost straightaway. Cross seamer from Plunkett, just outside off and a touch back of a length, Williamson ahs a feel for it and edges it to Jos Buttler. Huge blow for New Zealand. Williamson’s super show with the bat at 2019 World Cup comes to a premature end.

    Williamson c Buttler b Plunkett 30(53)
  •  15:47 (IST)OUT!With all those outswingers, Woakes was simply setting up the batsman for the delivery that slants into him. He has landed it with precision, just around the off stump, on length and Guptill looks to go down the ground, doesn’t account for the movement, misses and is struck in front. He does challenge umpire’s call but to no avail. The ball was hitting the middle of middle stump, bringing an end to Guptill’s abysmal tournament with the bat. New Zealand won’t have the DRS facility for the rest of their innings.
     Guptill lbw b Woakes 19(18)
  •  14:57 (IST)New Zealand XI: Martin Guptill, Henry Nicholls, Kane Williamson(c), Ross Taylor, James Neesham, Tom Latham(w), Colin de Grandhomme, Mitchell Santner, Matt Henry, Trent Boult, Lockie Ferguson
  •  14:57 (IST)England XI: Jason Roy, Jonny Bairstow, Joe Root, Eoin Morgan(c), Ben Stokes, Jos Buttler(w), Chris Woakes, Liam Plunkett, Jofra Archer, Adil Rashid, Mark Wood
  •  14:46 (IST)Toss:New Zealand win toss and Kane Williamson has elected to bat at Lord’s

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