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New Zealand Beat Afghanistan, LIVE Score, ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Match


  • 00:50 (IST) 
    After 32.1 overs,New Zealand 173/3 ( Kane Williamson (C) 80 , Tom Latham (W) 13)NEW ZEALAND WIN! Kane Williamson fittingly collects the winning single with a pull behind square! As comprehensive a win as it can get for the Black Caps, with seven wickets and a little under 18 overs left!
  • 00:23 (IST) 
    OUT! Alam finally breaks the stand, with Taylor missing a low full toss from the pacer that goes on to hit the base of his off stump. Some respite for the Afghans, although they’ll need a flurry of wickets from here, including that of the set captain, if they are to turn the game on its head. NZ 130/3Taylor b Alam 48(52)
  • 00:19 (IST) 
    Fifty up for Kane Williamson, collecting a double off the last delivery of the 25th over to bring up the milestone! His 38th in ODI cricket, and one that has helped steady the New Zealand innings alongside the veteran Ross Taylor after the dismissal of the openers. 
  • 00:01 (IST) 
    FOUR! Cut away through the cover region by Kane Williamson, which brings up the fifty standbetween him and Taylor for the third wicket! What’s worse for Afghanistan is that it’s also a no ball. NZ 94/2
  • 23:07 (IST) 
    OUT! New Zealand lose their second opener now, as Munro guides a back-of-length ball from Aftab, who collects his second wicket in the process, to Hamid at third man to depart after getting a promising start. NZ 41/2Munro c Hassan b Alam 22(24)
  • 22:31 (IST) 
    OUT! What a start for the Afghans, as Aftab Alam removes Martin Guptill off the first ball of the New Zealand innings! Guptill gets squared up in the very first delivery, getting an inside edge that deflects off his thigh pad, lobbing over to Najib at point for a catch. NZ 0/1Guptill c Zadran b Alam 0(1)
  • 22:02 (IST) 
    OUT! That’s the end of Afghanistan’s innings. Ball shaping away from Shahidi, who made room, heaved but the ball took the outside edge and flew right in front of third man, who took a good catch diving ahead. Shahidi goes back for 59 made off 99. Afghanistan end up with 172. Shahidi c Matt Henry b Ferguson 59(99)
  • 21:44 (IST) 
    FOUR! That’s fifty for Shahidi,  makes room and smashes the ball past the mid-wicket region for a boundary. What a knock from him. 
  • 21:36 (IST) 
    OUT! That’s the end of Aftab’s short slogging stint. Another ugly heave from him and this time, the ball takes the top edge again flies in the air behind the wickets, Latham lines himself up and takes a good catch. Aftab Alam c Latham b Ferguson 14(10)
  • 21:25 (IST) 
    OUT! Too quick for Rashid, Ferguson banged it hard on the ground and it rose it seemed like off the good length, Rashid could not deal with it, he rather found himself in very awkward position, as the ball hit the helmet grill and it shook him up before dislodging the bails. Kane Williamson walked up to him and had a word of concern as Rashid still looked shaken up. Hope, no serious damage done to him as he walks back. Rashid Khan b Ferguson 0(4)
  • 21:19 (IST) 
    OUT! That’s the end of Ikram, over-pitched and Ikram went for it, but could not connect it well, hit it straight to Martin Guptill behind point and there was no way he was going to drop this one. 
    Ikram Alikhil c Guptill b de Grandhomme 2(22
  • 20:44 (IST) 
    OUT! Neesham has a five-wicket haul. He bangs it short and right into Najibullah’s body, he could not deal with it, and ended up giving a catch to Latham behind the stumps. Najibullah c Latham b Neesham 4(3)
  • 20:41 (IST) 
    OUT! Soft dismissal for Nabi. Nothing shot from him, slightly slower from the bowler, around the off stump line and Nabi lazily tried to cut it, the ball took the outside edge and flew to Latham behind the stumps. Nabi c Latham b Neesham 9(24)
  • 20:37 (IST) 
    After 23 overs,Afghanistan 100/4 ( Hashmatullah Shahidi 14 , Mohammad Nabi 9)Alright, we resume. Boult resumes the 23rd over. Shahidi guides the fourth ball to the third man fielder and brings up 100 for Afghanistan. Nabi plays the last two balls for no runs. Just 1 off the over.
  • 19:08 (IST) 
    OUT! Afghanistan lose their fourth. Naib has to go. Short and wide from Neesham, who is having a great day in the field. Naib went after the ball, and reached it just enough to let the ball kiss the toe end of the bat and go to the keeper behind the stumps. Kiwis appealed straightaway, umpire raised the finger. Naib went upstairs as he felt he did not edge it. Obviously, he was wrong. Decision stays, review lost. Naib c Latham b Neesham 4(4)
  • 18:58 (IST) 
    OUT! And one more gone, what is happening to Afghanistan? Neesham angles one into Rahmat Shah, he went early into playing the on-side push, the ball took the leading edge and flew to Guptill at backward point, who took an easy catch. Bread and butter for someone like Guptill really. Rahmat c Guptill b Neesham 0(4)
  • 18:51 (IST) 
    OUT! Second wicket falls for Afghanistan. Noor Ali Zadran departs as well, Rising delivery, targeted at his right shoulder and he edged it to the keeper behind. Two back-to-back wickets for New Zealand. They are back into the match. Noor Ali c Latham b Ferguson 31(38) 
  • 18:48 (IST) 
    OUT! Afghanistan lose first wicket and yet again it is this man Neesham, the partnership breaker, who provides the first breakthrough for Kiwis. Zazai was lured to hit the lofted the drive to deep cover and he fell for it, Munro standing there took a safe catch. Hazratullah Zazai c Munro b Neesham 34(28)
  • 18:38 (IST) 
    After 9 overs,Afghanistan 51/0 ( Hazrat Zazai 30 , Noor Ali Zadran 21)This is a great start for Afghanistan. Zazai taking on Henry in this over, smashed him for a six and then a four. The last ball was almost hammered for a boundary as well. Afghanistan on top at the moment and time for Kane to bring a bowling change here. Fifty up for Afghans.
  • 18:31 (IST) 
    DROPPED! This is not going Kiwis way, another beautiful delivery from Boult, squared up Zazai, he edged it to Taylor, the ball was flying over the first slip, Taylor jumped, got his hand to it but could not hold on to it. 
  • 18:19 (IST) 
    DROPPED! Zazai hits this one right up in the air and three players converging on the ball near the long-on region, de Grandhomme went for it after confusion in calling and dropped it. 
  • 17:39 (IST) 
    PITCH REPORT“Fresh, breezy but thankfully very very well. Very strong breeze, will play a big part,” says former Australia cricketer Mel Jones. “I wouldn’t mind batting first on this surface. Williamson opted to bowl because there’s a nice green cover on this surface. Bit of a grass, but you’ll profit as a batsman if you can get through the first half hour. Chasing later in the day will be easy. Not much of spin in here,” says former New Zealand cricketer Ian Smith
  • 17:38 (IST) 
    New Zealand XI: Guptill, Munro, Williamson, Taylor, Latham, Neesham, de Grandhomme, Santner, Henry, Ferguson, Boult
  • 17:38 (IST) 
    Afghanistan XI: Hazratullah, Noor Ali, Rahmat, Hashmatullah, Nabi, Gulbabin, Najubullah, Ikram, Rashid, Aftab, Hassan
  • 17:32 (IST) 
    Toss News: New Zealand win toss and they have decided to bowl first. No changes for Kiwis, Afghanistan make 3 changes.

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