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ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Match 36 Match Result Pakistan beat Afghanistan by 3 wickets


  •  22:25 (IST)Pakistan win by three wickets!After 50 overs,Pakistan 230/7 ( Imad Wasim 49 , Wahab Riaz 15)Gulbadin Naib takes the mantle of bowling the last over. This despite giving away 18 in his last over His first ball is a wide full toss which Imad whacks to sweeper cover for a single. Right then, Riaz on strike. Will he clobber Gulbadin for the winning runs? He looks to scoop the ball behind but only gets a single. And Naib misses a run ouy chance! Fails to collect the ball from the fielder and Imad survives and comes back for a second off the overthrow. Imad Wasim smacks the fourth ball to the cover boundary to bring up the winning runs for Pakistan! Pandemonium at Headingley as Pakistan clinch a thriller!
  •  22:09 (IST)OUT! And just like that, Pakistan have lost their seventh wicket! There was no need for a second run at this stage and Shadab Khan finds himself short of the crease! Shadab Khan run out (Naib) 11(17)
  •  21:37 (IST)OUT! Sarfaraz has just gone and thrown his wicket, and possibly Pakistan’s World Cup chances! He pushed for an impossible second run and he runs himself out! Foolish from the Pakistani captain! Sarfaraz run out (Najibullah) 18(22)
  •  21:19 (IST)OUT! Rashid Khan strikes and it is the big wicket of the in-form Haris Sohail! Pitched on leg and came back in to rap Haris on the pads! Paul Wilson doesn’t hesitate and Pakistan don’t even have their review. They are in deep trouble! Haris Sohail lbw b Rashid Khan 27(57)
  •  21:06 (IST)After 31 overs,Pakistan 129/4 ( Haris Sohail 22 , Sarfaraz Ahmed (C) (W) 4)DROPPED! Shinwari bowls a low full toss and Sarfaraz hits it straight back at the bowler! However, Shinwari can’t keep it in and Sarfaraz gets a lifeline. Sloppy fielding from Mujeeb at sweeper cover allows Haris to come back for a second run.
  •  20:59 (IST)OUT! Mujeeb strikes and Hafeez has to walk back! The ball was short and wide but too wide to be cut. Hafeez reaches out for it nevertheless and ends up giving a simple catch at backward point! Hafeez c Shahidi b Mujeeb 19(35)
  •  20:16 (IST)OUT! Timber! Mohammad Nabi bowls Babar Azam around his legs! Babar looked to sweep but couldn’t get any connection to the ball and departs five short of another half-century. What a big wicket for Afghanistan! Babar Azam b Nabi 45(51)
  •  20:08 (IST)OUT! Imam looked to release the pressure off him by trying to come down the track and smack Nabi down the ground. But he misses the ball altogether and is stumped by Ikram Ali. Babar Azam is disgusted with Imam. Imam st Ikram Ali Khil b Nabi 36(51)
  •  19:12 (IST)OUT! Mujeeb strikes on his second ball and traps Fakhar Zaman plumb. Fakhar reviews it. There’s a gap between bat and ball. There is a spike on ultra edge when the ball passes the bat but it’s the pad instead of the bat. On to ball tracking and three reds pop up! Fakhar has to walk! What a start for Afghanistan! Fakhar Zaman lbw b Mujeeb 0(2)
  •  18:31 (IST)Yorked him! Classic Wahab Riaz yorker to dismiss Hamid Hassan. Ninth wicket down for Afghanistan. 
  •  18:23 (IST)One more for Shaheen!What a match he is having. His fourth wicket of the day. A slower one, straight to the stumps. Rashid plays an ugly shot to get dismissed. He went for the hit very early and didn’t get the timing at all. Simple catch at mid-off. Rashid Khan c Fakhar Zaman b Shaheen Afridi 8(12)
  •  18:12 (IST)OUT!Shaheen has his man, as Zadran chops on to his stumps. Gone after playing a decent knock. Najibullah b Shaheen Afridi 42(54)
  •  17:40 (IST)Nabi departsWahab’s short delivery gets the result. Nabi goes for the pull, but fails to clear the fine-leg boundary. Really good low catch from Amir. 
  •  16:55 (IST)Another one bites the dust!Ridiculous from Ikram. Tries to clear the long-on boundary against Imad without any power in the shot. As a result, he walks back to the pavilion. Ikram Ali Khil c Hafeez b Imad Wasim 24(66)
  •  16:47 (IST)Shadab does the trick! Asghar Afghan, for the nth time, comes down the pitch but this time, he misses the ball completely and gets bowled.Just when we spoke about building a partnership, a wicket falls. Asghar Afghan b Shadab Khan 42(35)  
  •  15:54 (IST)Gone! Imad Wasim removes the set batsman. Rahmat Shah was looking so good. Tries to flick the ball to the leg-side, gets the leading edge and the catch is taken at covers. Big blow for Afghanistan. Rahmat c Babar Azam b Imad Wasim 35(43)
  •  15:24 (IST)One more wicketShaheen is on a hat-trick! What an eventful over. Hashmatullah Shahidi gets a leading edge as he tries to push the ball on the leg-side and the catch is taken at mid-off. Shahidi c Imad Wasim b Shaheen Afridi 0 (1)
  •  15:22 (IST)GONE!Naib was playing well but Shaheen finds a way to remove him. The left-arm pacer sticks to his fuller length, Naib goes for another drive on off-side but gets a nick which carries to the keeper. The on-field umpire says no but Pakistan review the decision and the replays clearly shows the bat hits the ball. Naib c Sarfaraz b Shaheen Afridi 15(12)
  •  14:39 (IST)Playing XI for Afghanistan:Gulbadin Naib (captain), Rahmat Shah, Hashmatullah Shahidi, Asghar Afghan, Mohammad Nabi, Samiullah Shinwari, Najibullah Zadran, Ikram Ali Khil (wicket-keeper), Rashid Khan, Hamid Hassan, Mujeeb Ur Rahman.Playing XI for Pakistan:Imam-ul-Haq, Fakhar Zaman, Babar Azam, Mohammad Hafeez, Haris Sohail, Sarfaraz Ahmed (captain and wicket-keeper), Imad Wasim, Shadab Khan, Wahab Riaz, Mohammad Amir, Shaheen Afridi.
  •  14:38 (IST)ChangesHamid Hassan is back in the side for Afghanistan in place of Dawlat Zadran.No changes for Pakistan.
  •  14:34 (IST)Toss newsAfghanistan captain Gulbadin Naib wins the toss and he has elected to bat first. 

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