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Highlights, India Vs New Zealand, Live Score, ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Semifinal: New Zealand win by 18 runs


  • 19:24 (IST) New Zealand win by 18 runs to knock India out of the World Cup 2019
  • 19:22 (IST) OUT! GONE! Ferguson has undone Bhuvneshwar Kumar with a slower delivery
  • 19:18 (IST) OUT! Dhoni
  •  19:17 (IST)SIX!Short ball outside off and MS Dhoni has played a sensational shot! He has slammed this flat batted over extra cover fence for a big one. Dhoni hits India believes
  • 19:13 (IST) OUT! Jadeja perishes
  • 9:09 (IST) After 47 overs,India 203/6 ( MS Dhoni (W) 38 , Ravindra Jadeja 76)
  • 19:04 (IST) After 46 overs,India 198/6 ( MS Dhoni (W) 35 , Ravindra Jadeja 74)
  • 19:02 (IST) FOUR! Very lucky boundary for Jadeja. He has earned this good fortune, one might argue. Slower ball from Boult and Jadeja closed the face of the bat slightly early, getting a leading edge through vacant slips with the ball running down to third man fence
  • 19:02 (IST) Dhoni-Jadeja stand is the highest stand for India for any wicket in an ODI WC semi-final match, going past Ganguly-Tendulkar’s stand of 103 runs against Kenya at Durban in 2003.
  •  18:43 (IST)FIFTY!Ravindra Jadeja is single handedly turning this game around. He clips it off his legs for a brace to complete his half-century in 39 balls. Out comes the sword wielding celebrations accompanied by some gesturing towards somebody in crowd, dressing room or probably commentary box. We don’t know.
  •  17:51 (IST)OUT!Now then…Pandya goes for the slog sweep and has hit this high in the air. He hasn’t middled it. The fielder at mid wicket, Kane Williamson, back pedals and holds on to a terrific catch. Never took his eyes off it and looked so assured. Big wicket for the Kiwis and Santner has earned it with some impressive bowling.

    Hardik Pandya c Williamson b Santner 32(62)
  •  17:20 (IST)OUT!Pant runs out of patience and once again pays the price. Pant criticised for his immaturity displays it yet again in a semi-final. Arguements will be made with respect to “this is how he plays” and will have the world divided on it. As of this moment it has hurt India dearly. Santner knew a false stroke was around the corner, after he had lined four dots, Pant sits down and goes for a cross-batted ill advised slog sweep. End result: He finds Colin de Grandhoome at deep mid wicket, positioned just for that shot and Pant ends up playing in their plan.

    Pant c de Grandhomme b Santner 32(56)
  •  16:20 (IST)OUT! Brilliant grab by Neesham at point! Astounding take, really! DK gone. Kiwis on a roll.
    Matt Henry has bagged third wicket. Just when things were gradually returning to normalcy for India, they have lost the wicket of Dinesh Karthik. Again gets forward and pushes tentitively, he hits it on the rise, but didn’t keep it along the ground. Neesham leaps to his left and catches the ball centiremeters above the ground. Clean catch.

    Karthik c Neesham b Matt Henry 6(25)
  •  15:52 (IST)OUT! KL Rahul gone, too!Matt Henry has got another one. He is on fire! Length ball outside off and KL Rahul fishes outside, edges and Latham pouches a smart catch leaving India in dire straits.  There was no really need of chasing this wide delivery outside off stump, Rahul couldn’t resist and he ends up losing his wicket. That’s a humungous set back. India’s top three – all gone for 1 run each.

    Rahul c Latham b Matt Henry 1(7)

    Aaaannndd! He is out!
    Stunned silence in Manchester. Stunned silence in Mumbai. Trent Boult has the BIG FISH with an excellent inswinger. Pitched on middle and VK walked across his stumps, looking to flick the ball through midwicket. He misses the line completely. The pitching of the ball was never in doubt, there was no bat involved and the ball-tracking shows the ball was clipping the top of middle and leg stump. So on umpire’s call, he is out. Kiwis right on top.
  •  15:40 (IST)OUT! Matt Henry has provided a massive breakthrough for New Zealand. He has got the better of the leading run-scorer of the tournament. It was a perfect, nagging line just outside off stump, the length was immaculate too, Rohit is tentitive in his crease, neither too full and too back, takes the nick to Latham.

     Rohit c Latham b Matt Henry 1(4)
  •  15:15 (IST)OUT!Bhuvneshwar gets another, length ball again, and new man in Matt Henry blindly slogs, does not connect well and he has been caught by Virat Kohli at cow corner region. Matt Henry c Kohli b Bhuvneshwar 1(2)
  •  15:13 (IST)OUT!And Jadeja is back in business. Latham gets the length ball and heaves it to deep mid-wicket while trying to go over that fielder. But you know who was placed there? Jadeja, who it seems is everywhere today, he jumps slightly and completes a good catch. Latham c Jadeja b Bhuvneshwar 10(11)  
  •  15:11 (IST)After 48 overs,New Zealand 225/6 ( Tom Latham (W) 10 , )Bumrah bowls the 48th. Starts with a full-toss and Latham was not ready for it, could only collect single off it. Another full toss to Taylor, who collects two off it in the leg side. Third ball a good length slower from Bumrah, heaved to leg side again but just for one. Jadeja showed his brilliance again in the field with an outstanding piece of fielding, running out Taylor with a direct throw from the deep.
  •  15:10 (IST)OUT!Absolutely brilliant from Jadeja, Taylor tickes it to deep mid-wicket and tries to steal the double, but he took chance against the throwing arm of Jadeja who raced in from square leg, picked it up and hit the stumps from at least 50 meters to send Taylor packing for 74. Ross Taylor run out (Jadeja) 74(90)

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