Vince McMahon unveils the initial ‘sexual experiences’ with his cousin

Vince McMahon has a colorful life on WWE TV, playing a character with himself in the last few years. She plays the role of a self-appointed god, a billionaire who had great interest in women. We’ve seen them making an on-screen connection with the likes of Stacy Keeblar, Torrey Wilson, Candice Mitchell, Trish Stratus and more. Now we have discovered a new side of The Boss because he opened up about his early sex life.

We can’t expect him to discuss his private life in this PG Era of the WWE. An interview of Vince McMahon recently surfaced on the internet from almost two decades ago that has revealed some interesting details. The WWE Chairman sat down with the famous Playboy magazine in 2001 to deliver some candid statements about his early sexual experiences. The fun part is that he went physical with his cousin!

The interview discovered that Vince McMahon had dealt quite anger issues with his step-father. He actually spelled out pretty graphic comments on him during this Playboy interview. Moving on to the discussion, he accepted getting naked in the woods with the mentioned cousin. Check out more from the source about the first sexual experience of the owner of the empire known as WWE,
“At around the same time, there was a girl my age who was, in essence, my cousin. Later in life, she actually wound up marrying that asshole Leo Lupton, my stepfather! Boy, this sounds like Tobacco Road.

Anyway, I remember the two of us being so curious about each other’s bodies but not knowing what the hell to do. We would go into the woods and get naked together. It felt good. And for some reason, I wanted to put crushed leaves into her. Don’t know why, but I remember that. I don’t remember the first time I had intercourse, believe it or not.”
At this point, Vince McMahon would least want to go these statements viral. But he can’t stop the same as the internet is the strongest medium nowadays which takes the least time to be spread. It is certain that the McMahon family will not want to proceed further with the given statements to make the events even more interesting.

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