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ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 2nd Semi Final Match Result England beat Australia by 8 wickets


  • 21:41 (IST) FOUR! Crunched through backward point by Joe Root off the second delivery of Starc’s penultimate over! Just a hit away now are England! ENG 220/2
  • 21:37 (IST) After 30 overs,England 210/2 ( Joe Root 39 , Eoin Morgan (C) 40)
  • 21:35 (IST) FOUR! This time reverse-swept through backward point by Joe Root! England in a finish to hurry this now. ENG 209/2
  • 21:35 (IST) FOUR! Morgan slices the ball behind point to bring up the 200 for the hosts! ENG 202/2
  • 21:34 (IST) The realisation that you are going to the World Cup final.
  • 21:03 (IST) FOUR! With Aaron Finch placed at long stop behind the keeper, the short ball from Starc was coming. Morgan got into position for a cut, and ended up guiding the ball towards the vacant point fence. ENG 158/2
  • 21:00 (IST) After 22 overs,England 153/2 ( Joe Root 22 , Eoin Morgan (C) 1)
  • 20:54 (IST) After 21 overs,England 151/2 ( Joe Root 21 , Eoin Morgan (C) 0)
  • 20:49 (IST) OUT! Another poor decision from umpire Kumar Dharmasena. Roy misses the ball while attempting a pull, with the umpire perhaps succumbing to the vociferous appeal from Cummins, raising his finger after a bit of a pause. Roy’s furious with the decision, and  replays show why. Can’t use the review though, Bairstow had wasted it earlier in the innings. ENG 147/2 Roy c Carey b Cummins 85(65)
  • 20:45 (IST) FOUR! Full and wide outside off, Root crunches this behind point! ENG 145/1
  • 20:43 (IST) FOUR! The wicket barely stems England’s momentum, as Roy pulls the back-of-length ball from Stoinis through midwicket, the ball bursting through the fielder’s hands before running away to the fence. ENG 140/1
  • 20:41 (IST) After 18 overs,England 136/1 ( Jason Roy 79 , Joe Root 12)
  • 20:36 (IST) OUT! Starc finally gets the breakthrough, trapping Jonny Bairstow leg before. The batsman goes for the review, more out of hope than anything else, and ends up wasting the team’s only review. He departs for 34. Starc now holds the record for most dismissals in a single World Cup, going past Glenn McGrath’s 26 in the 2007 edition. ENG 124/1Bairstow lbw Starc 34(43)
  •  20:22 (IST)FOUR! What a way for Jason Roy to bring up his 18th ODI half-century — and his fourth of the ongoing tournament! Drives the ball through cover, piercing the infield, to bring up the milestone at run-a-ball. ENG 94/0
  •  19:55 (IST)Fifty opening partnership up between Roy and Bairstow! The pair has been successful so far in the World Cup, and they have got England off a strong start in their chase of a 224-run target against the old enemy.ENG 50/0
  •  18:40 (IST)OUT!Australia bowled out for 223. Perfect yorker from Wood castles Behrendorff’s stumps. He walks back for 1. Behrendorff b Mark Wood 1(4)
  •  18:33 (IST)OUT!Back-to-back wickets for England, Woakes bangs it short, Starc heaves and ball hits the edge carries to keeper who completes a good catch. Starc c Buttler b Woakes 29(36) 
  •  18:31 (IST)OUT!A brilliant innings comes to an end because of a brilliant display of fielding. Smith heaved but the edge of the bat sent the ball behind the stumps. Starc called, Smith started off but before he could reach the non-striker’s end, the throw reached and dislodged the bails. Jos Buttler did the job with the throw. Smith run out (Buttler) 85(119)
  •  17:47 (IST)OUT!That is a soft dismissal. That was a nothing delivery but Cummins was looking to play his shot, wide and short, he went on back foot, tried to cut lazily and gave a low catch to Root at first slip. Cummins c Root b Adil Rashid 6(10)
  •  17:37 (IST)OUT!Maxwell is gone, he has been undone by the slower ball by Archer, who bounced him out on the last ball which was given as wide and then bowled a slower ball, Maxwell continued with the drive and gave a simple catch to cover fielder. Maxwell c Morgan b Jofra Archer 22(23)
  •  17:07 (IST)OUT!Stoinis gone for second-ball duck. On the back foot, waited for the ball to cut, but it came in, he could not pick the google. Trapped in front of the stumps. Umpire raises the finger and he cannot even challenge it as much as he wants to as Aussies have no review left. Stoinis lbw b Adil Rashid 0(2)
  •  17:06 (IST)FIFTY!Steve Smith moves to fifty. This has come off 72 balls. He hits the ball to long on and collects one to reach the landmark. Some boos too but he does not care it seems
  •  17:04 (IST)OUT!Carey is gone, Rashid gets the wicket, he gave the ball some flight, it was in the slot to hit, Carey danced down the track and hit it with the spin, however could not connect well and ended up giving a straight catch to substitute Vince deep in the leg side. Carey c (sub)James Vince b Adil Rashid 46(70)
  •  16:55 (IST)After 25 overs,Australia 104/3 ( Steve Smith 44 , Alex Carey (W) 38)100 up for Australia. The middle overs will be important phase in this innings. Australians have revived the innings yet they have just 103 on the board and a lot needs to be done. This pair needs to go on for bit more. 
  •  15:28 (IST)OUT!Class bowling, Woakes brings it in. Sharp inswinger and Handscomb had no answer for it. The ball beat his bat and castled the stumps. Third wicket down for Australia. Handscomb b Woakes 4(12)
  •  15:14 (IST)OUT!He’s gone, the danger man is gone, David Warner is gone. England are celebrating and there is no end to Woakes’ celebration today. He produced a snorter out of nowhere, Warner tried to play the upper cut, but it took the leading edge and flew to the first slip. That’s the end of his innings. Warner c Bairstow b Woakes 9(11) 
  •  15:07 (IST)OUT!Yet again, a ball coming in to Finch has brought his downfall. Golden duck for Finch. Archer pitched it on good length and brought it in, Finch was already on front foot and the ball thudded the pads, England appealed and Kumar Dharmasena took his time and raised the finger. Finch went upstairs but the decision stayed as the ball was hitting the stumps. Finch lbw b Jofra Archer 0(1)
  •  14:32 (IST)TOSS– Aaron Finch has won the toss and elected to bat. He says that it looks like a good pitch but might not change much. Morgan says that he would have batted first too. One change for Australia as Peter Handscomb replaces injured Usman Khawaja. While England have gone unchanged.

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